375% Increase In Organic Traffic Leads To 210% Increase In In-Store Traffic For jewellery Store


The client was a small jewellery store in a crowded retail market. They approached us with the goal of increasing their online presence and driving more traffic to their physical store.


  • Strong competition from larger retailers with established online presences
  • Limited budget for marketing and advertising
  • Lack of brand recognition or reputation online
  • Limited resources for creating and maintaining an online presence


  • Optimize the website for relevant keywords
  • Create high-quality, localized content
  • Build backlinks from reputable, local sources
  • Leverage social media platforms to engage with customers and promote the business
  • Implement a local SEO strategy to increase visibility in search results for the store’s location


  • Conducted keyword research to identify relevant terms for the jewellery store’s products and services
  • Created and optimized website content for targeted keywords
  • Built backlinks from local sources such as chamber of commerce websites, community blogs, and local business directories
  • Created and maintained profiles on relevant social media platforms, including Facebook, Instagram, and Pinterest
  • Optimized the store’s Google My Business profile and implemented local citations and reviews to increase local visibility
  • Utilized email marketing campaigns to promote sales and events


Our efforts to increase the jewellery store’s online presence yielded impressive results. In just four months, we saw a 375% increase in searches for the store’s core keywords, leading to a 210% increase in in-store foot traffic. This resulted in a 35% increase in positive reviews and ratings on review sites, as well as a noticeable boost in sales and revenue for the store. Our efforts helped the store stand out in a crowded market and attract new customers through online channels.