608% Increase In Organic Traffic For A Pet Cafe Website

Industry: Pet Care

Place: Bengaluru


  • Search Results were dominated by very strong competitors in the area (Bengaluru).
  • The site link profile was rather underdeveloped
  • Keyword Difficulty of target keywords was very high


  • Ranked for too many semantic long-tail keywords
  • Restructuring website into SEO friendly one
  • Strategic link building to improve the overall domain authority of the website.
  • Implementing best SEO strategy according to the continuous analysis and monitoring


  • Increase organic traffic by 608%
  • 650% increase in new users to the website
  • 340% increase in conversion value

The business was just beginning when they came to us, they didn’t have any brand recognition both online and offline. Online competitors for searches relevant to them were very strong.

That was just the initial stage of their marketing.

Their main obstacle to growth was how competitive the SERPs are for their core keywords.

The top 20 places for all but the most niche of long-tail keywords were dominated by their super-strong competitors such as Therpup, Raasta Cafe, Toit, and other blogging sites.

As a result of this competition, the brand had very little visibility on the first two pages of Google for key, traffic-driving terms and were struggling to rank at the initial stage.

Therefore our main campaign goals were to:

Push Core Keywords into the index: to rank in broad terms which have hundreds of thousands of combined searches each month.

Rank keywords that were ranked in other pages: to fetch keyword ranking reports and create a strategy for ranking in those keywords that are in a relatively better position.

Increase overall search visibility for the longer tail: rank in several long-tail conversion-based keywords that have hundreds of search volumes with low keyword difficulty. These represented a good “quick win” opportunity.

Ensure proper on-site optimization: to create relevant and unique content for best user experience based on E-A-T framework, proper URL structuring, image optimization, and header and content optimization.

Strategy And Implementation

The main strategy was to:

  • Extensively audit the website and make it SEO-friendly one.
  • Build the overall domain authority using links from high-authority relevant websites in same niche.
  • Create separate pages focusing long-tail keywords that have high relevant search volume.

RL Strcturing

During the auditing proces, we made it a major priority to ensure that the site will rank for as many relevant long tail keywords as possible.

While we were confident that the site would rank for broad, high-volume terms in the long term.

The quickest strategy to boost organic traffic and sales was to rank the site for more specialised terms.

These long tail keywords, if applied over their whole services that they provide, might result in a significant increase in organic traffic.

Therefore, we have created separate pages to target every individual potential long-tail keywords and structured the site and URL accordingly.

Page Structuring And Content

In order to improve each page’s keyword relevancy, we revamped not only the title tags, but also leveraged other essential HTML components like header tags to target associated, semantically similar keywords around the core term.

We assisted in populating all of the services pages with rich, unique content added in a way that did not detract from the design of the site, or its ability to convert.


With recommendation from the audit actioned in last July and implementation of strategy that was framed according to analysis of trend, traffic continuously grew month-on-month.

By January, organic traffic was up 608% compared to the previous July, with January receiving 1,772 visits compared to July’s’s 250.

Similarly, the number of new users had increased by over 650%, with 1748 new visits in January compared to 233 in July.

Return Of Investment

We also optimized the website for conversion by proper placements of call to actions and lead forms. Also implemented conversion tracking from valuable visitor actions like lead form submission and clicks on call. Since the client shared a clear idea on the value of each conversion, we found a 342% increase in conversion value over six months, with 136 conversions.

Keyword Improvements

Across the 124 core keywords that we track in-house, there was an overall increase of 435 places.

A number of high volume keywords entered the first page, and a number of highly competitive terms entered the index and continue to rapidly ascend the SERPs.