Growing Hotel Walking Using Cohesive Marketing

Our cohesive marketing strategies elevated Sweven Stays to one of the busiest Hotels in Mangaluru, Karnataka. 

What we did to their brand

Aligned their website and promotional materials to same design concepts.
Summary of Client
Sweven Stays is Mangaluru's largest hotel in terms of total people accommodated per week. 
When Stakque began working with Sweven Stays, there was a lack of brand cohesiveness and functionality. The company lacked strong SEO tactics and needed a more user friendly website so users could better understand what the company’s services were.

Stakque wanted to give them a strong cohesive brand with a smart SEO strategy.
  • Account Onboarding
  • Technical SEO
  • Website Optimization
  • Web Design
  • Content Strategy & Content Creation
  • Social Media
  • Google Ads Campaign Management
How Stakque  Helped
With a focus on a more attractive and organized web presence, we recreated their brand using clean features, strong colors, and polished graphics. We then made sure their social media and ads matched the branding style of the website.

We created a strong SEO landscape so the website not only looked good, but also had an impactful presence in gaining users. We created an efficient advertising system that allowed the company to spend money effectively.

Our Google Ads strategy targeting keywords related to Hotels in Mangaluru and Stay in Mangaluru worked so well that we outranked OYO and Trip Advisors ads. They reached out to the client and we had to adjust our strategy to show up below Them (or else face their wrath)!


A glimpse into what we were able to achieve

Impact and Results

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