April 4, 2021

3 Awesome Reasons Why Ahrefs Webmaster tool is Better

Recently Ahrefs has come up with a tool that is similar to Google Search Console but with lots of improvements over the Google Search Console.
“Avoid what is strong and strike at what is weak” – Sun Tzu.
See, Ahrefs just did that to Google. Google Search Console had issues, like a limited number of data available to users, and less than the ideal user interface. People working with always used to complain about it whenever we met.
Ahrefs is one of the best SEO tools in the entire universe, their Site Audit and Site Explorer has no competition. And, they just made it free for sites verified at Ahrefs Webmaster tools.
In simpler terms, Ahrefs hasn’t introduced any new features but made few parts of Ahrefs made for free.

SEO Health Monitoring

Compared to the reduced number of SEO Issues monitored in Google Search Console, AWT monitors for a host of SEO errors. Which makes it a powerful tool for monitoring and fixing your SEO errors before it hurts your SERP.
Google Search Console only displays issues such as coverage, sitemap issues, mobile usability, and core web vitals report. Which is only the bare minimum required to do the basic optimizations.
Ahrefs Webmaster Tools in contrast helps you to identify orphan pages, broken links, duplicate pages, and etc.
Google Search Console has the notoriety of giving vague advice on fixing issues detected in the console. Which makes it extremely difficult for even seasoned SEO experts to work on the issues.
in Ahrefs Webmasters Tools, it provides detailed advice on how each issue can be fixed and steps to taken to reverse the damage caused by the issue.
It is extremely important to note that several SEO issues, however negligible it seems can severely hurt your SEO efforts.


If you are well versed with how Google Search Console works, you might already know that GSC only displays only the top 1000 backlinks. For a successful SEO effort, it is important to know every backlink to identify and mitigate bad backlinks. Which will damage your SEO efforts, in case it turns out to be spam backlinks.
Domain & page-level SEO metrics help to optimize the pages to achieve maximum possible optimization. Which is in a way will help your ranking efforts.
Having lots of broken external and internal links will cause either 404 Not Found error or site not accessible error. Which hampers the user experience and usability of the website. With AWT you can easily monitor and fix internal and external broken links.
With AWT, you can easily understand the type of backlink your website has. It is important to know what percentage of your links are nofollow, User Generated Content (UGC) and sponsored. A higher number of UGC really helps a webmaster to know how much of an impact does his product or website is having on his clients/visitors/customers.

Search traffic & keywords

Google Search Console only shows the top 1,000 keywords in the console. If you have a fairly large website with a lot of content, and if you are constantly adding in more pages per day it is important to know more than 1,000 keywords. In Ahrefs Webmasters Tools, all known keyword is displayed in the console.
In Ahrefs Webmaster Tools, opposed to Google Search Console detailed metrics for pages and keywords are displayed. With which you can optimize your keyword density and other factors.
Google will never display competitive data in the Google Search Console, let alone SERP snapshot. Ahrefs Webmaster Tools in contrast displays all this valued information in your dashboard.
Ahrefs Webmaster Tools has detailed SERP features for every keyword.

Ahrefs Dashboard
Google Search Console Dashboard

Written by Abdul Wajid

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