Website Designing

Our website design is designed to draw visitors and then educate them, encourage them, and turn them into long-term customers. If your website isn’t entertaining and responsive enough to draw users, the results you’re looking for won’t be getting you. So, at Web Destiny, we start the process of custom web creation by looking at aspects that other designers typically overlook.

Before carrying out a comprehensive custom web development strategy for you, we do a detailed review to get a clear understanding of your specific needs. This helps us to create a custom template with the right ingredients and key elements to make your website more appealing as well as more interactive. We build your website to make your target audience feel compelled to connect with you. As an Indian custom web development company we know what it takes to ensure a credible online presence and a great user experience.

The areas that we focusing while designing a website as follows:

Be simple and concise

The richness in visual effects does not bring any business. A proper web designing should assist the customer to meet their need through simple navigation. It is very important to concentrate more on business goals than on colorfulness. A website with impeccable design focusing on business goals and marketing strategy will result in remarkable output. Avoid overhauling and be open to feedback as various viewpoints may have a positive effect on your company.


Concerning material, the two key factors are readability and utility. Readability is crucial because if the users are unable to decipher the text, be it because it is too small or in a bland color or an unreadable font, there is no way to get the message through. Nevertheless, the utility is just as critical because if your material doesn’t matter to your reader, chances for the conversion is very low.

Free from technical issues

Lack of technical fitness makes a website useless bunch of contents. It will not help any business to achieve its goals. So it is very important to design a website by considering all the technical aspects. Most websites nowadays are not able to rank in search engine due to technical related issues in them.

Website optimization

The testing website is one of the crucial processes in web designing. Thoroughly going through the entire website and proper checking for missing links, thin content, 4xx response code, etc are essential. When it comes to user experience make sure that a very comfortable user flow is implemented. Always keep only important content and remove unnecessary stuff.

Maintain design consistency

Remember also the web architecture is designed with the user expectations in mind. There are growing few web fonts available and all of these are helpful in getting rid of typography problems. Choose the right color inspiration always based on the company’s goods and services. Make use of the latest picture transformations and templates to make the design process simpler and more elegant.

Web Designing services we offer


We provides almost all type of Web Designing services. Which includes following:

Static Website Designing: Static website development services involves designing a website without connectivity to the database, where all the information you want us to use on your website is gathered and presented in a structured way. When website design is completed, the website owner will not be able to edit the website contents because there is no admin panel with access to the database. In that case, if you have prior knowledge of HTML, CSS , and Javascript, you should be able to edit the website images and texts. A static website is perfect for those who own a very small company who want to go live on the web and who don’t know about a website.

Dynamic Website Designing: Dynamic Websites are today’s most popular Websites. The explanation for that is operational ease. Those websites that come with a database are dynamic websites. We design a website for you in interactive website designing services, and we create an admin panel linked to a database. The purpose of the admin panel is that once we have finished designing the website for your company, you can log in to your website’s admin panel and edit the entire website by yourself. There are pages, blog posts, gallery objects, photos, etc. on a web site for example. And when you need to refresh those specifications, from time to time. Interactive admin panel web pages help us navigate the whole website without any technical expertise. Search engines like Google likewise promote certain websites that are updated at regular intervals.

Responsive Website Designing: Nowadays most of us tend to search the web more with mobile or tablet devices than with desktops or laptops. There are many explanations for this change but the key reason for this change is its versatility and ease of access. As a result, all website owners are now forced to build websites that are compatible with smartphones and tablets, so that website users can search the website contents without any trouble. Developing responsive websites involves designing a website for different screen mobile and tablet device resolutions.

E-Commerce Website Designing: With the heavy penetration of mobile internet networks all over the world, there is no limit to buying a product or service from China or India for a consumer sitting in the USA. A growing number of businessmen, use e-commerce and M-commerce as a life-changing method to move their enterprise to the next level. Our Website Designing Services for E-Commerce involves the design and creation of websites where you can offer your goods and services to anyone sitting in any part of the globe without any trouble.

Customized Website Designing: As the name suggests, custom website design services involve creating a fully personalized website based on your needs. If you’re a newly launched company or organization, you can get a website built with any Opensource applications such as WordPress (which has become one of the most common Opensource CMS in recent years). The Opensource websites can provide you with all the essential and key functions that a website needs. So what if its special requirements? In that case, you need to build a custom design website which is designed specifically for you.

Mobile Website Designing: Designing websites specifically for mobile devices is called mobile website designing. Nowadays, several e-commerce companies tend to develop two-three website formats for various screen sizes such as desktops / laptops , tablets and handheld devices. Using different web templates is mostly due to improved user experience offering a decent user interface as well as fast page load time.

WordPress Website Designing: One of the most common opensource platform for websites designing, WordPress accounts for 35 percent of total websites in 2020. With its easy-to-use admin features, enormous community, a large array of themes and plugins pushes more customers to select WordPress as their preferred platform designing website. Whether it’s a basic CMS website, eCommerce website, website social networking, blogging platform, board forum or discussion page, etc. WordPress offers a solution for almost any form of website-making. Stakque Technologies Web Designs offers qualified website design services, with optimized enhanced sales-driven resources on your website.

Joomla Website Designing: Joomla is another website designing tool which is applied to content-rich websites by many websites designing companies as well as website designers. Joomla also provides different plugins for creating a basic content management system, eCommerce, forum, etc.

Magento Website Designing: We should never neglect Magento as we discuss e-commerce. It provides plenty of high-end e-commerce apps with no external plug-ins.Stakque Technologies also provides services designing eCommerce websites using Magento, Prestashop, open cart, etc.

How custom web development help to gain traction to a business?


Custom development is by far the best way for you to guarantee positive results for your company. Aside from increasing your brand’s exposure, custom website creation is also benefiting your company in some of the following ways:

  • It helps improve your business’s reputation and gives your brand a certain amount of authority
  • Despite massive investments, a successful website has the potential to make major profits. That ensures a higher ROI than conventional advertising methods.
  • Whether you’re inexperienced or a well-seasoned business player, there’s going to be a lot of competition out there. A custom web development strategy allows you to level the playing field and even improve your company’s efficiency above your competitors.
  • This helps marketing and advertising activities through various platforms. With more visits to your website being your long-term clients, your email and social media marketing strategies will work much better.
  • Customized websites suit cross-browser.
  • Custom site creation doesn’t cost you any more money than the solutions built on templates. This can cost you a little bit more, but it provides a lot of advantages and allows you to complete leverage over different aspects.

This includes many other items on the website than just color schemes, fonts, and images. This starts with the process of knowing the business and then moves on to execute a sound design implementation plan to ensure great user experience. Often, programming and marketing strategies are a part of the web development process. This is because you need to develop each and every aspect of your website, bearing in mind your business’ unique needs and organizational goals. In today’s digital world customization is critical and achieving the positive ROI that you are looking for.