Google Ads Delivers Impressive ROAS for Architectural Design Firm


An architectural design business, approached us for help with expanding their reach and generating more leads through digital marketing. After conducting a thorough analysis of their marketing needs, we recommended investing in Google Ads to increase brand awareness and generate the leads to the business.


To overcome these challenges, we developed a targeted Google Ads campaign that focused on specific keywords related to architectural design services in the client’s local area. We also used ad extensions and specific calls to action to make the ads more compelling and to encourage people to click through to the client’s website.


One of the main challenges we faced was developing a campaign that would effectively target potential clients while also staying within the client’s budget. We also needed to find a way to stand out in a crowded and competitive market.


  • Conducted keyword research to identify relevant and high-value keywords to target in the Google Ads campaign
  • Created ad groups and structured them thematically to improve the relevance and effectiveness of the ads
  • Targeted specific demographics to reach the right audience, using bid adjustment for various demographic categories to optimize the campaigns
  • Wrote compelling ad copy and designed eye-catching ads to grab the attention of potential clients
  • Used ad extensions and specific calls to action to make the ads more effective
  • Utilized various tools to optimize and monitor the campaigns, such as Google Analytics and the Google Ads Performance Grader
  • Made various data-driven changes to the campaigns, such as adjusting bids and ad copy, to optimize performance and maximize the return on investment
  • Monitored the performance of the campaigns regularly and optimized them based on the data to maximize the return on investment


The campaign was highly successful, generating leads for INR 28 (Avg.CPL) and achieving an impressive 11% conversion rate. The client also saw a staggering 780% ROAS from the campaigns, far exceeding their expectations.


We were thrilled to be able to help our client achieve such impressive results with their Google Ads campaign. By developing a targeted and effective strategy and utilizing data-driven tactics, we were able to drive targeted traffic to the client’s website and generate high-quality leads at a low cost. This case study serves as a testament to the power of digital marketing and the impact it can have on a business’s success.