May 9, 2021

Facebook Ads Tips for Better Returns on Ad Spend in 2021

Want to know the most up-to-date Facebook and Instagram ad tricks and tips to help you get the most out of your campaigns? Are you wondering how your upcoming ad campaigns can grow?

#1: Use Casual Imagery

Everyone loves to look at pictures on social media. Facebook ads are no exception, and they’re meant to drive traffic and clicks to your website or landing page. For this reason, casual imagery can be a key component in making your ads highly effective.

Let’s talk about why casual imagery is great for your Facebook business. Casual imagery in ads can make even the strangest products seem approachable, relatable, and familiar. It’s this idea that has marketers buzzing about how to use casual imagery in their message to grab the attention of their audience.

#2: Use Shorter Video Content

Facebook ads are a great way to drive traffic from social media. Video ads engage better than photos, quotes, and links. First and foremost, don’t obsess about production quality. The videos you make for your Facebook advertisements don’t have to be a high-production-value or sound like a television advert. In reality, videos captured from your phone can be extremely powerful because they closely resemble the content that people usually see in their feed. Offering high-value content is the key to video success. The key to video is offering high-value content.

Second, keep your videos short. Businesses are often overwhelmed by the possibility of producing the film, believing that they want a polished and professional 3-minute or longer scripted video. Making shorter videos is one way to make the task go faster. You may be shocked by how much content you can fit into a 20- or 30-second video and how effective it can be in your advertisements.

Using shorter video content in your Facebook ad is a great way to secure more click-throughs and ultimately more conversions.

#3: Relax Your Grammar

Stop making your Facebook Adverts look like Textbooks! Relax those grammar muscles. Remember that Facebook is a casual platform so less formal ad copy is okay. I’m sure you’ve seen lots of text-heavy adverts cluttering up Facebook. And perhaps you wondered how they got anyone to tune in. Well, as people get more and more used to adverts on TV, they’re less likely to just scroll past your long-winded advert (which has a lot of words in bold for emphasis). They might stop scrolling all together and pay attention.

If the target audience is in their twenties or thirties, for example, consider how they chat with their friends and try to emulate the style. It’s a fun experiment that sometimes pays off. People in their 20s, for example, are more likely to use sentence fragments and less punctuation in their writing.

#4: Style Facebook Ads to News Feed Posts

Styling your Facebook Ads to look like news posts in the Facebook news feed is an awesome way to stand out. It has been proven that using this approach will get you up to 24% more clicks and a lower cost per click.

In terms of copy and imagery, the best advertisements I’ve seen—and those I’ve run for my company—match the news feed, making the ads sound more organic. People are more likely to avoid scrolling and read the advertisements because they fit in with the rest of the feed content.

#5: Experiment With Emojis

Facebook ads are getting more and more action. So each of us needs to come up with some great promotions to get the most out of this network. And one of the most important tips is to experiment with emojis in Facebook ads. Emojis in Facebook ads are HOT right now. No matter what type of business/industry you’re in, using emojis in your ads can make a significant impact on conversions!. Emojis can help make your Facebook ads stand out in the news feeds. Emojis are small images that are generally used to express an idea or emotion.

#6: Test Different Facebook Ad Copy(text) Lengths

Facebook ads are a great way to ensure your target audience is finding your content and being reminded of your website or product. However, it’s important to know how much copy (or word count of the advertisement) you should use in Facebook ads. Different people read at different speeds and will click on an ad based on emotion. Facebook ads account for emotional promotion, but how many words should you use?

Lots of people are asking the same questions as mentioned above. Simply, we have to use A/B testing to resolve this. For A/B testing, we ran an experiment to test 3 ad copy lengths (short, medium, long) against each other in the hopes of finding which ad length performs best.

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