Digital Strategy

New marketing strategy using electronic devices and the internet almost completely replaced the traditional methods of marketing. Digital marketing considering as the main tool for achieving the company’s end goal. Lots of merits like low cost, easiness of measure, high return of investment, low-cost brand development, easiness to share, precise audience targeting, and opportunity to expand the audience across the globe makes marketing using the digital platform more viable.

There are several methods of marketing digitally. Search engine optimization (SEO), social media marketing, pay per click (PPC), display advertising, email marketing, conversion rate optimization (CRO), etc. are the main methods of digital marketing strategy. But choosing the optimum method of digital marketing is an important process. A business goal is a key factor that is to be considered for determining the best method for digital marketing. If brand awareness is your business target that brand adverting is the best method for marketing. Sometimes the audience has a lack of information or awareness about the product or service, in such cases, they need to educate first in order to convert them as a customer. Social media marketing and content marketing is the best strategy in this case. SEO and PPC are the best solutions for improving traffic. Framing strategy after analyzing business goals and implementing the method properly will help to achieve the goal.

Something related to technology is evolving quickly in the modern world and it can be difficult for most organizations to keep up. Stakque Infotech helps companies to build a digital strategy based on their goal and type of customers. A comprehensive digital strategy is designed with a view of the future. We collaborate with your team to identify plans for digital & technology that will ensure your company remains future-proof.


How We Workout?


Our digital strategy & consulting services are investigating specific aspects of the market and technology environment, finding vulnerabilities and helping to develop a plan focused on emerging technologies and resources, designed to address gaps and challenges.

Our approach to building a Digital Strategy and corresponding Roadmap as follows:

  1. Review the business goals and instances of digital use that impact clients.
  2. Evaluate the digital environment and consider how it brings value to your customers and brand.
  3. Define digital targets based on client needs and current digital capabilities.
  4. Identify digital platforms, tools and innovations by comparing the industry’s digital goals to build best digital marketing tactics.
  5. Build a digital transformation roadmap using an impactful technology strategy that aligns with the company goals.
  6. Formulate a clear method for data analysis and understanding, assess progress toward digital objectives.

What We Do?

Digital Strategy roadmap

Digital Transformation Strategy

Our consultants work with you to build a customized digital plan and roadmap for your company priorities while balancing your vision with short-term goals

Customer Experience Strategy

User Experience Strategy

Our UX consultancy team will analyze your user base, identify your customer experience and provide human-centered design-based solutions that provide the right online experience

Content Strategy

We help you define the important business and consumer needs, and how content management strategy and plan can help you meet the needs with the right content.

It transformation strategy

IT Transformation Strategy

Modernize the functionality of the IT applications, identify the right system architecture, incorporate agile development processes and draft application management operating model. Strategy for Online marketing.

Why Us?


The creation of a successful digital strategy requires a blend of experience, the creativity that solves problems and a customer-led perspective. Our consultancy team works with our design and engineering experiences departments to put together the unique convergence of expertise required to help you drive your digital transformation initiatives.