Content Marketing

Content does more than just fill up your web pages, it creates confidence in your existing and your soon to be customers too. It lets you create awareness of the brand and increases traffic to your website where your goods or services are listed.

Not only are the advantages of content marketing related to attracting customers and raising sales, but there are also several other advantages that can not be calculated in terms of monetary benefits. The growth of content marketing has been exponential and shows no signs of slowing

Your content will be of value to a well-defined audience. The trends go beyond here. What are the prospects’ wishes, needs, desires, concerns, fears, and pain points? How does your service or product fit into their lives? What expertise do you have that makes them use? What kind of material would you be able to deliver that would meaningfully educate, entertain, and engage them?

Content Marketing

Consider these statistics:

  • Small businesses with blogs are having 126% more lead growth than small businesses without them.
  • Upon reading custom content, 82 percent of customers felt more positive about a product.
  • Marketing content produces more than three times as many outbound marketing leads and costs 62 percent less

Marketing’s future is producing content that is genuinely beneficial to your prospects. You want to create content that helps them make informed choices and in the process establishes your organization as THE authority. Do it right and you’ll find your website for related keyword searches magically appearing on Google’s first page. Through sharing your content with others your prospects will market and develop your company for you. Possibly the most cost-effective way to develop your company and create your brand is content marketing.

Content marketing describes your business in detail to the people. It makes people understand on what bases you are operating a business and why the particular business. The content encourages communication between the Brand and the audience. Reaching the audience with quality and inspirational words approaches the Audience with an opinion about the Brand. It’s the words that build opinion in the minds of the people about your Brand. Without description, your Brand remains a Body without Soul. Words help you express your excellence to a certain individual. It creates a “Word of Mouth” publicity for your Brand. This is why you should opt for Content Marketing because it names your Brand to the people.​

The content must be valuable, relevant, and consistent with a targeted audience. We are one of the best content marketing agency in India. Our team’s experienced web creators and marketers have an end-to-end approach, beginning with a marketing plan for a rich and integrated web production and delivery through a range of platforms to reach the audience and create the company brand. Our focus is to define and fix the content gaps in the conversion funnel such that full sales are made available to your company. We’re helping you utilize the strength of words to get your company up.

What are the stages of our content marketing service?

Content marketing firms such as Stakque Infotech produce, distribute, and manage content online, such as blogs, ebooks, videos, and more. The results include increased traffic on the website, brand awareness, and leads online. We do this by following the following process:


Strategy Development

We will complete a strategic content marketing review to see how contents of your current website match up against your top three competitors. We will then define the keywords of top content in your business area and industry. We will then develop a marketing plan for content that will help you increase revenue and define your brand


Audience Interest Analysis

Different people want different types of content to be consumed, so our next move is to take a deep dive into the audience and find out what kind of content they want. Once we know who your audience is, we can begin creating wonderful content in which they would love to connect.


Content Creation

Third, rolling up our sleeves and getting to work. We will be publishing focused, well-written content of websites designed for search engines. This includes:

  • Improving the content of existing pages.
  • Blogs.
  • Site health, technical structure monitoring and optimization.
  • Visual content and infographics.
  • Social Media Posts
  • E-mail Newsletters.
  • And more…

Content Distribution

Getting great content won’t do any good for your business unless prospects will find it and get interested. Each piece of content we build for you will be optimized for search engines so it is searched for search terms relevant to it. We also suggest that the content marketing tools be paired with email marketing and social media so that as much online real estate as possible is used.


Content Analytics Reporting

We provide you with content that drives results and we monitor and evaluate its success over time. You can get regular updates on the status and performance of all your marketing campaigns, and how they affect your bottom line and branding activities, which are easy to understand.


Optimization And Adjustments

The final step is to take the results and track data, and use them to change your campaigns. We’ll learn something new with every report about how your audience views your content, and then make changes to enhance visibility. The end result is a continuous wheel of sales-driving content which will boost both your brand awareness and overall marketing campaign effectiveness.

Each brand has unique objectives, and the companies are no exception. We recognize that brands within companies also have specific needs, challenges and opportunities. And if you’re looking to implement a content system into your marketing team, leverage content into your company, build an implementation process, or something else entirely, we ‘re proud to offer custom solutions tailored specifically to business clients.