November 17, 2022

7 Best AppSumo Deals For Digital Marketing (January 2023)

Best AppSumo Deals

Brought to you by Stakque Digital Pvt. Ltd. is a list of the best AppSumo deals on valuable software that’ll boost digital marketing efforts at minimal cost.

Digital marketing is a wide field, so we’ll be taking our own sweet time listing the best tools for SEO, social media, PPC and project management with the best deals.

Being a digital marketers agency, we try to maintain a list of trending deals on tools in AppSumo that can bring a world of difference to the results we derive for our clients and employers. Why? because the standard prices make us cringe in despair Not to mention most of these deals are for life, so the investment value vs. compounding returns over time is insane! Compared to the conventional monthly subscriptions.

This list is supposed to be a trade secret… but you know what? It’s our collective responsibility as digital marketers to ensure that our industry thrives and sometimes that means sticking with (not sticking it to) the competitors so that we all get more down the line.

We could fight each other for a share of the pie or we could work together to make the pie larger, we simply prefer the latter. So…

Help me, help us!

If you know of deals that absolutely need to be on this list, even if it’s outside AppSumo, let us know via instagram and we’ll consider featuring you & your suggestions here to inspire other digital marketers to display the same level of generosity as you

1. Brandoverflow

Brandoverflow | AppSumo Offer

  • Beginner friendly all-in-one SEO suite
  • Valued at $150, but the AppSumo offer is $99 or ₹8000 (lifetime access!)
  • 60-day moneyback guarantee (2-month test drive!)

An SEO tool that provides immense value due to the fact that it covers all essential functions of search engine optimization in a way that’s comprehensive and intuitive enough that even total newbies can utilize it, for a price that’s too good to be true.

Yet AppSumo offers it up for an even better deal, do you really need to think twice about this one? Think about the potential hiring & training costs you can cut down on with such a tool in your arsenal.

Brandoverflow Review: Beginners & Agency Friendly All-in-One SEO Tool – YouTube (Free SEO checklist)

2. NeuronWriter

NeuronWriter | AppSumo Offer

  • Content writing & optimization tool
  • Valued at $750, but the AppSumo offers is $69 or ₹5600 (lifetime access!)
  • 60-day moneyback guarantee (2-month test drive)
  • Offer ends on 10th January 2023! – Might want to hurry up if you want this one, we’ve already grabbed this one.

A competitor to the likes of Frase and Surfer, but offered by AppSumo at a deal that makes you forget those alternatives were even an option.

Composing worthwhile content online is a never ending battle between making content genuinely useful, search optimized and competitive.

Hitting the right balance between those factors is key to content success, with content usefulness being the primary driver of results. Have you never compromised valuable time spent on the usefulness of content so that you can make sure its SEO is good too or check if it’s better than the ranking competition?

This tools would serve you well, they’ll help you with the content’s SEO and competitiveness, allowing you to focus on the usefulness or the value of your content more!

NeuronWriter Review: Best New Optimization & AI Writer?! – YouTube

3. Switchy

Switchy | AppSumo Offer

  • Social media link manager
  • Valued at $2400, but the AppSumo offer is $39 or ₹3200 (lifetime access!)
  • 60-day moneyback guarantee (2-month test drive!)

Ever noticed how some social media share links are annoyingly long and irritating to even look at, let alone share or click it? This is one of the main problems that led to Switchy’s existence.

Switchy will manage and optimize social media content’s share link performance with stuff like link shorteners, preview updations, link masking and a lot more link performance boosting options that you can’t not know about!

All social media content has a potential for results that correlates with the level of creativity and work put into it. Implementing Switchy into your social media strategy will increase that potential for results with optimized share links.

Switchy Review: Don’t share links without using a link shortener! – YouTube

4. Climbo

Climbo | AppSumo Offer

  • Google reviews manager
  • Valued at $1495, but the AppSumo offer is $49 or ₹4000 (lifetime access!)
  • 60-day moneyback guarantee (2-month test drive!)

Most people kid themselves saying Google reviews will build up well enough organically, to be excused from putting in the work and leaving it completely to chance.

The upside of things that require to be left to chance is that you can get 80% of the results from 20% of the work cause even a bit of work to tip the chances in your favor can go a long way.

And Climbo can potentially get you much better results:work ratio when it comes to building up Google reviews and dealing with the bad ones.

A great set of reviews significantly improve conversion rates, and Google reviews is just so much simpler/effective than most other review logging channels.

Build up a healthy Google reviews log and flaunt it across all your other online visibility platforms for a significant boost in their conversion rates.

Climbo Review: Demo + Tutorial “Increase your Google Reviews & avoid negative ones” – YouTube

5. WordHero

WordHero | AppSumo Offer

  • AI content generator – copy, emails, blog posts & more.
  • Valued at $2088, but the AppSumo offer is $89 or ₹7300 (lifetime access!)
  • 60-day moneyback guarantee (2-month test drive!)

Another tool for content writing? Yeah well, I couldn’t pass up on this this deal and this is different cause you aren’t the one who’ll be writing.

Obviously, I don’t mean these AI writers will take care of everything for you. They’re just awesome at feeding you with a constant stream of inspiration.

And let’s be honest, that’s what content writers need more than anything – to break through all the mental/writer blocks which never seem to end.

WordHero V2 Updated Review: Is It Better?! – YouTube

6. Acumbamail

Acumbamail | AppSumo Offer

  • A single platform for building marketing campaigns (email & SMS), utilize automation in digital workflows and create responsive landing pages.
  • Valued at $839, but the AppSumo offer is $79 or ₹6400 (lifetime access!)
  • 60-day moneyback guarantee (2-month test drive!), see if it improves your business/work.
  • Update: Deal is closed for the time being, we’ll let you know about any future offers.

It is difficult and takes skill to write an engaging email. However, you can quickly create the emails you want, customize them, and include stunning graphics with the aid of Acumbamail.

You can even follow your campaign stats with a single swipe. The good news is that you can acquire responsive landing pages on a single platform. With just one tool, you can manage all of your emails, send scheduled emails, and obtain detailed data analyses.

Acumbamail won’t let you down because it creates emails that are rich with expert information and eye-catching visuals that entice readers and make it simple to sell the brands you want. You can choose from more than 850 templates to create engaging content.

7. Screpy

Screpy | AppSumo offer

  • AI-backed SEO & web analysis dashboard to help keep your website SEO effective and efficient.
  • Valued at $204, but the AppSumo offer is $49 or ₹4000 (lifetime access!)
  • 60-day moneyback guarantee (2-month test drive!), see if it improves your business/work.
  • 5-taco rating with 842 reviews!

Ever wished there was a solution that could track all website data in a single dashboard? Screpy is an AI-based online analysis tool that enables users to keep an eye on a website.

You can rapidly determine if your website is operating at peak efficiency. Screpy offers uptime monitoring, page speed, and SERP.

However, you can use Screpy to track your keyword ranking. Do you want your content result to be happy? Then use Screpy

Screpy Review: Best AI Powered All In One SEO Tool?! – YouTube