May 4, 2021

5 Examples of Excellent Medical and Healthcare Website Design

The success of hospitals and health care providers depends on the quality of their service. But the age where we live in, the internet age demands for properly designed website to propagate your entity online.

Most the people come to hospital websites to find valid medical information online. In times like pandemic, people highly relies on internet to debunk medical hoaxes, and fake information. Medical websites shall be user-friendly, easy to navigate and extremely well-organized.

Based on the above criteria, we have compiled a list of 15 websites of healthcare providers. Any website for doctor's clinic of hospitals can follow a good part of it.

Let's look:

1. Mayo Clinic - Undisputed Top Class Medical Care

Mayo clinic is world's number one health care provider, if not USA's. They had been delivering consistently on the in-house medical care, and they are also one of the best place to find health information online. Mayo's website have all the top-notch design principles adhered well, impressive design, impeccable choice of colors, and extremely user-friendly.

Fonts used: Helvetica

2. Rush University Medical Center

Rush University

Illinois top medical university is top-notch in the quality of education, and also excellent in their web design choices. Patient care, education, research and community partnership in one place. The choice of colors, font-size and design choices are all good. We can use this website a reference for your next hospital website design project.

Fonts used: Calibre

3. Stanford Health Care

Stanford health care

Part of one of the world's largest educational institution out there. Stanford Health have nailed it with their website design. Eye catchy, simple and resource rich. Any one looking for an information related to this entity can find it with little effort.

Fonts used: Source Sans Pro, Helvetica

4. Medanta Multi-Super Specialty Hospital

Only representative of India in this list. Medanta has adopted the superior web design principles throughout their website. Their website is easy to navigate, good color choice, powerful search bar in the hero section helps visitor with any query.

Fonts used: Helvetica Neue

5. Mount Sinai Hospital

Mount Sinai Hospital

One of the New York's top health care provider, is also one of the top health information provider online. The choice of lighter color and fairly simple navigation helps patients and others alike.

Fonts used: Helvetica Neue

Written by Abdul Wajid CK

Abdul Wajid is the CEO of Stakque Infotech. Having 6+ years of experience in digital marketing and web development.

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